Our NanoFix platform is an innovative stimulus responsive nanotechnology for next-generation integrated diagnostic, therapeutic & regenerative solutions. The NanoFix Smart Implantables are a suite of highly differentiated “smart” graft materials & implant coatings for orthopedic & bone disease markets. 

NanoFix  Smart Implantables
Significantly Accelerates Bone Repair and Regeneration
How NanoFix Transforms
Orthopedic Markets

NanoFix implantable nano-materials (mesh, coatings, injectables, etc) used in combination with an external device (electromagnetic and acoustic) amplify the body's natural bone healing processes. Used 10 minutes per day, NanoFix stimulates adult stem cells & other molecular pathways to greatly enhance the quantity & quality of new musculoskeletal tissue formation.



  • 50% faster, high-quality bone regeneration: thru all stages of bone healing

  • Improves & maintains bone structure & strength

  • Uniquely mechanically stronger: for load-bearing sites

  • Biocompatible resorbable scaffold: resorbs during remodeling to fill defects

  • Better biologics delivery (BMP &stem cells): scaffold protects & allows longer, sustained, & more natural delivery. Requires less bio-material

  • Increases success & longevity of implants: thru better adhesion & integration

  • Allows multiscale multimodal imaging: thru MRI, CT, optical, ultrasound or photoacoustic imaging

  • Antimicrobial: graphene organically prevents infections

  • Easy to use: Integrates into casts, splints & boots port. 10 minutes per day

  • Compelling cost savings: significantly decreases costs for all stakeholders


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