JUNE 2015

Introducing our groundbreaking graphene-based gadolinium-free MRI contrast agent. 


Preclinical safe pharmacology and qualitative and quantitative MRI results indicate that Mangradex allows significant (>100%) and sustained (over 1 hour) contrast enhancement of the kidney and other vital organs as well as the vascular branches.  Upon complete development, ManGraDex should greatly improves MRI safety and efficacy, while expanding MRI markets into unserved renal and cardiovascular patient populations. 

How does ManGraDex transform the MRI market?

Potentially Safe for Renal Patients

ManGraDex™ clears by both renal and hepatobiliary routes. Initial preclinical toxicological testing of its biocompatible and bioresorbable chemical structure suggests it could be administered, without the risk of inducing the disease nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF), in patients with kidney problems. 

Highly Differentiated Technology

Our patented novel high-performance nanoparticle based MRI contrast agent platform is completely different from all linear and macrocyclic chelate CA's on the market. Comprised of non-toxic manganese, graphene and dextran, it is highly efficacious, potentially safe and more cost effective, improving disease diagnosis and detection.

Longer Imaging Window

ManGraDex™, with circulating half life of 2 hours, allows extended imaging window suitable for intravascular and blood pooling imaging used to detect bulging or narrowing of blood vessels responsible for heart attacks and strokes.Most contrast agents offer a 5-15 minutes imaging window.

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Suitable for High Field MRI

ManGraDex efficacy (relaxivity) remains consistent across all MRI equipment: 1.5 to 7 tesla. 

Reduces Clinician Time and Risk

The initial preclinical safety pharmacology profile of ManGraDex™ indicates it may not be retained or deposited in vital organs, and thus, could remove the need for clinicians to perform risk-benefit analysis before deciding to prescribe contrast-enhanced MRI. 

Facilitates Advanced Imaging

 The high relaxivity of ManGraDex™allows it's detectability at very low concentrations. Further, it can be functionalized with biomarkers without affecting its relaxivity. These capabilities open avenues for advanced radiology such as molecular imaging or image-guided therapeutics.

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