We develop proprietary nanoparticle-based MRI contrast agents. Our breakthrough gadolinium-free products will greatly increase the capability, efficacy, and safety of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), enabling patient populations currently restricted from MRI's access to this life saving diagnosis and monitoring.

The future of
MRI contrast technology
How does ManGraDex transform the MRI market?

Potentially Safe for Renal Patients

ManGraDex™ clears by both renal and hepatobiliary routes. Initial preclinical toxicological testing of its biocompatible and bioresorbable chemical structure suggests it could be administered, without the risk of inducing the disease nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF), in patients with kidney problems. 

Highly Differentiated Technology

Our patented novel high-performance nanoparticle based MRI contrast agent platform is completely different from all linear and macrocyclic chelate CA's on the market. Comprised of non-toxic manganese, graphene and dextran, it is highly efficacious, potentially safe and more cost effective, improving disease diagnosis and detection.

Longer Imaging Window

ManGraDex™, with circulating half life of 2 hours, allows extended imaging window suitable for intravascular and blood pooling imaging used to detect bulging or narrowing of blood vessels responsible for heart attacks and strokes.Most contrast agents offer a 5-15 minutes imaging window.

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Reduces Clinician Time and Risk

The initial preclinical safety pharmacology profile of ManGraDex™ indicates it may not be retained or deposited in vital organs, and thus, could remove the need for clinicians to perform risk-benefit analysis before deciding to prescribe contrast-enhanced MRI. 

Facilitates Advanced Imaging

 The high relaxivity of ManGraDex™allows it's detectability at very low concentrations. Further, it can be functionalized with biomarkers without affecting its relaxivity. These capabilities open avenues for advanced radiology such as molecular imaging or image-guided therapeutics.

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June 15-16 2015,  9 am - 5 pm. 

Theragnostic Technologies will be introducing ManGraDex MRI technology at the TechConnect Innovation Showcase and Accelerator program, the World’s largest showcase and accelerator for industry-vetted emerging-technologies ready for commercialization. We are seeking to connect with investors and development partners.


Visit Us at the TechConnect Accelerator Showcase

JUNE 2015

The Next Generation MRI Contrast Agent

Introducing our groundbreaking graphene-based contrast agent that greatly improves MRI safety and efficacy, while expanding MRI markets into unserved renal and cardiovascular patient populations.

Our Team

Balaji Sitharaman, PhD

Founder and Director

  • Inventor of ManGraDex

  • Internationally Recognized for MRI Contrast Agent R&D

  • Over 15 years of experience and expertise in carbon nanotechnology

  • Director of Multifunctional Nanobiosystems Laboratory

  • Biomedical Engineering Faculty at Stony Brook University


Complete Profile...


Shahram Hejazi, PhD


  • Entrepreneur and board member of early-stage  and large global life science and biotech companies

  • 20+ years of executive management experience in diagnostic and imaging technologies

  • Venture Partner with BioAdvance Philidephia

Jimmy Toussaint, PhD

Senior Scientist and Vice President of Research

  • 13+ years R&D experience in bioimaging and regenerative medicine

  • Recipient of small business grants on graphene technologies

  • Broad knowledge of translational pathway of imaging agents


Gaurav Lalwani, PhD

Scientist and Vice President of Operations

  • Expertise in carbon nanomaterial platforms for biomedical applications

  • Knowledge of IP and regulatory due diligence matters

  • Experience in product and business development process


John Haley, PhD

Business Advisor

  • 25+ years of diverse experience as life science executive

  • Deep knowledge of exploratory, discovery, and translational issues

  • Director, Developmental Therapeutics and Proteomics Center and Faculty of Pathology Department, Stony Brook University

Susan Wilson, DVM, PhD

Regulatory Advisor

  • Regulatory expert across drug products and imaging agents 

  • Ex-FDA pharmacology/toxicology reviewer

  • Founding partner,  VP and Chief Scientific Officer of Aclairo pharmaceutical development group


Cheryl Springfels

Business Strategist

  • 20+ years of strategic consulting for the nations top non-profits, scientific and educational institutions

  • 10+ years of experience helping researchers bring biomedical products to market

Scientific Advisory Board

Kenneth Shroyer, MD, PhD

Marvin Kuschner Professor and Chair, Department of Pathology at Stony Brook University


  • Expert in toxicology and pharmacology of nanoparticles

  • Nationally recognized clinical pathologist 



William Moore, MD

Chief of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Imaging at Stony Brook University


  • Experience in MRI protocols 

  • Broad knowledge in contrast agents for various imaging modalities 

Sandeep Mallipattu, MD

Physician Scientist in Nephrology, Stony Brook University


  • Experience in animal models of kidney disease and injury

  • Indepth knowledge of clinical issue related to renal failure diagnosis and imaging


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