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Theragnostic Technologies is seed stage biomedical company focusing on research and development of high performance multifunctional nanotechnology-enabled materials and devices. Founded  in 2012, it is a participant of StartUp NY, and situated  at the Long Island High Technology Incubator on the campuses of Stony Brook University.



To be a leader in providing innovative solutions that advance healthcare and improve quality of life. 



To offer range of cutting-edge biomedical and healthcare products to improve imaging, therapy and tissue regeneration.


Core Competency: 

Materials, tools and methods at the interface of nanotechnology and biomedical science and engineering.

Shahram Hejazi, PhD


  • Entrepreneur and board member of early-stage  and large global life science and biotech companies

  • 20+ years of executive management experience in diagnostic and imaging technologies

  • Venture Partner with BioAdvance Philadelphia

Our Advisors

John Haley, PhD

Business Advisor

  • 25+ years of diverse experience as life science executive

  • Deep knowledge of exploratory, discovery, and translational issues

  • Director, Developmental Therapeutics and Proteomics Center and Faculty of Pathology Department, Stony Brook University

Susan Wilson, DVM, PhD

Regulatory Advisor

  • Regulatory expert across drug products and imaging agents 

  • Ex-FDA pharmacology/toxicology reviewer

  • Founding partner, VP and Chief Scientific Officer of Aclairo pharmaceutical development group


Gaurav Lalwani, PhD

Product Development

  • Expertise in carbon nanomaterial platforms for biomedical applications

  • Knowledge of IP and regulatory due diligence matters

  • Experience in product and business development process

Cheryl Springfels

Business Strategist

  • 20+ years of strategic consulting for the nations top non-profits, scientific and educational institutions

  • 10+ years of experience helping researchers bring biomedical products to market

Our Team

Balaji Sitharaman, PhD

Founder and Director

  • Inventor of ManGraDex

  • Internationally Recognized for MRI Contrast Agent R&D

  • Over 15 years of experience and expertise in carbon nanotechnology

  • Director of Multifunctional Nanobiosystems Laboratory

  • Biomedical Engineering Faculty at Stony Brook University


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Bob Williams

Interim CEO

  • 25+ years of product develop, management and business development experience in diagnostic imaging technologies

  • Past Business unit responsibility for medical devices, consumables, and healthcare IT product lines

  • Former business development and innovation executive at ACIST Medical Systems and Bracco Imaging SpA

  • Consultant and advisor to various Med-Tech clients

  • Entrepreneur mentor and Angel investor

Dennis Fujii, PhD


  • 25+ years of senior management experience in diagnostic and imaging technologies

  • Ex-Director at Bracco Imaging and Nycomed-Amersham Imaging

  • Deep knowledge of R&D for imaging agents

Jimmy Toussaint, PhD

Senior Scientist and Vice President of Research

  • 13+ years R&D experience in bioimaging and regenerative medicine

  • Recipient of small business grants on graphene technologies

  • Broad knowledge of translational pathway of imaging agents


Scientific Advisory Board

Kenneth Shroyer, MD, PhD

Marvin Kuschner Professor and Chair, Department of Pathology at Stony Brook University


  • Expert in toxicology and pharmacology of nanoparticles

  • Nationally recognized clinical pathologist 



William Moore, MD

Chief of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Imaging at Stony Brook University


  • Experience in MRI protocols 

  • Broad knowledge in contrast agents for various imaging modalities 

Sandeep Mallipattu, MD

Physician Scientist in Nephrology, Stony Brook University


  • Experience in animal models of kidney disease and injury

  • Indepth knowledge of clinical issue related to renal failure diagnosis and imaging


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* Disclaimer:  Our products and technologies are currently not available for clinical use. FDA or other regulatory agencies have not evaluated the statements on this website regarding our products and technologies.